We will publish a documentation for our comprehensive API on swagger hub soon! Until here is the quick guide to implement only direct downlaod functionality for download managers:

1. Register an APP

Go to zevera.com/registerclient and register an app!

2. Authenticate API calls

With every API call pass the GET/POST parameters "client_id" and "apikey".

client_id is the 9 digt ID of your app! apikey is the apikey the user seens in his customer area!

We use this apikey instead of a username/password combination to protect users from brute-force attacks!

3. Check the account validitly


This URL will give you a json object with the fields "premium_until" and "limit_used".

premium_until is the unix timestamp of the account expiry date, limit_used is a float between 0 and 1. 1 means the traffic limit has been used to 100%

4. Get the list of supported services


The response contains a json with 2 fields. The fields are "cache" and "directdl".

The field "directdl" contains the hosters for which you can generate direcft download links.

5. Generate a download link


You will receive a json object with the fields "filesize", "location" and "filename". location contains your download link

6. Have fun

Have fun using our API and be sure to contact us if you have any questions! Also dont hesitate to report bugs and problems! We are also happy about feedback!