The New Zevera is here

Zevera has a new team. We just opened the totally new Zevera with new features!

The New Zevera

What happened?

Last month Zevera had a very sudden ending. The quality became terrible and the team did not want to continue the service anymore. In early April they stopped paying servers. The project went offline, the developers left, the code broke. Zevera died.

New Team New Luck

We are a completely new team and will relaunch Zevera. We acquired the domain and user-database at beginning of May 2018. We do not have access to the old code and are rebuilding the site from scratch. We made great progress in the last weeks. Rome was not built in one day but we will keep dedicating time to this site.

Old and New Features

The new Zevera has a strong focus on cloud functions. For every link you generate, you have the option to store it online to stream it or download it later.

Additionally, the cloud function allows you to remotley fetch Torrents and Usenet, Youtube and many more Streaming Sites.

Filehost downloads stay very important. We expect supported hosts to work a lot better than before.

You can read more about the different features on the detail pages. for cloud, filehost, torrent and usenet.

New Prices, Traffic Limits and Costs

We have no traffic Limits on Streaming Hosts, Torrent, Usenet and Cloud Downloads. Filehost Downloads have limits.

A Long Term View

The old Zevera was not based on a long term view. The old promotion packages and selling of lifetime accounts were a big mistake. We will not be greedy like this.

What Happens to Memberships?

We will gift free premium days to all old Zevera users that had premium time at the time of closure.

What Happens to Traffic Packages?

Our new Zevera does not support traffic packages. Users with active traffic packages also get free premium days.

I have a Question or Feedback

We will keep updating the website with more information. We have also opened an help-desk. We will answer all extra questions there.

Plans for the Future

We are three (new) people that will rebuild the site from 0. We want to keep users happy and will focus on growing the site, features and users with a nice organic pace.