Torrent Cloud

Our cloud replaces both, your torrent client and your hard drive.

All you need is to upload a torrent file or paste a magnet link into the Zevera Downloader. Highspeed servers will grab the file for you!

Hide your Identity

The Zevera Download Servers will connect to the torrent network and fetch the file for you.

Stream instantly

After the torrent transfer, streaming will be available immediately from our servers. No need to wait for slow downloads from the torrent network.

Collect for later

Save your hardware space and download quota. You can collect dozens of torrents for free in your Zevera Cloud. Access it anytime later.


Zevera will seed the file for you - no need to connect your own computer.

No torrent clients

The Zevera Downloader replaces the need for any seperate torrent clients. Your own computer will not connect to the torrent network.

Virus Protection

Every incoming file gets screened for malware and viruses - making the Zevera Downloader a secure and fast alternative to download from torrent.