Filehost Download

List of supported hosters

Zevera - Access to many Filehosts

Premium Speed for Filehosts

One Zevera membership allows you to access premium download links from many different filehosts.

Protected Privacy

All downloads through Zevera are secure downloads! Your IP-address is never revealed to the filehost.

Support for all major Download Managers

With Zevera you can use your favorite Download managers such as jDownloader. They will work just like you would always use them. Zevera directly integrates into them. Once you added your Zevera Download Link it will automatically download like premium user from all supported filehost.

Watch now or later

The Zevera Downloader lets you fetch as many links as you want. Zevara gives you the choice between streaming or direct download - or you simply queue up your links to to watch or download them later.