The New Zevera allows you to store, manage and collect files in your personal cloud space.

You can easily import any supported content you can see at Zevera. Content from Filehosts, Torrent, Youtube and other Video Streaming sites can be saved straight to your cloud. The cloud is always online for you and you can turn off your PC while the transfer jobs finishes.

Because our servers do the work for you, it is extremely fast and you can do it with any device! Even your phone!

A personal and private Cloud

Zevera Cloud cannot be accessed by anybody else but you. Your files are your files and will stay private.

Collect and Watch later

Zevera Cloud allows you to collect your links into your personal cloudspace. You can keep them there and watch them whenever you want.


Zevera Cloud is accessible with all browsers and smartphones. You can watch and download your files on the go.

Collect Remote Links

A simple link to your favourite content; be it Youtube or Soundcloud, Torrent or Filehost links. You can directly import it into Zevera without using your local internet connection.

Instant Hits

Popular files and download jobs that are known to the Zevera Cloud will be instantly linked to your personal cloud storage. This way, there is no wait time between adding and accessing your favourite uploads.