Rapid Link Converter - Use Rapid Link Converter NOW! It will make your life easier.
Rapid Link Converter is a new tool from Zevera that will make your downloading experience easier.

It is designed to work with all famous Download managers like JDownloader, Internet Download Manager and Orbit downloader to name a few. It simply reads your clipboard for links from supported file hosters, and once discovered it checks if they are alive and it converts them to zevera links. NO NEED to login to the website any more. Now using JDownloader, IDM and Orbit downloader with zevera will be as simple as a walk in the park. The only thing you need to do is disible the supported hosters on you jdownloader.
It comes in two editions: One single which just contains the link converter and one combined with JDownloader.
Single Version: Download now theRapid link Converter!
JDownloader Included version: Download now theRapid link Converter!