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JAVA Plug In for jDownloader

Zevera.com looks for a JAVA expert for the development of an add-on for the famous jDownloader software.

This plug in should install Zevera.com along with other hosting services enabling the user to input the credentials of the zevera.com premium account. Then once a link is either added or grabbed by the downloader and the user selects to start downloading, the add-on should ask the user if he wants to download the file as normal or if he would like to use his zevera premium account.

The add-on should utilize the zevera.com API handler which is explained in the accompanied document (source code supplied). Finally, the plug in should enable the user to select if he wants to use his zevera premium account as a default or not. If a failure occurs in the process of the zevera download, the file will be downloaded as normal.

There are special needs created by zevera.com. Zevera.com is not a simple file hosting server, but an internet service that downloads file from a list of supported hosters and acts as a proxy between the hosting service and the user. Therefore, there should be a way either with an extra form or within the main form of jDownloader which will display file download information from our server and after our server returns Status 100(complete) then the download will start using the normal interface of the jDownloader.

A person familiar with jDownloader and jDownloader plug in development would be preferred. Also, it would be an extra if you are familiar with .NET services so as for you to understand the API documentation and example source code.

Download API Specs and example here!

If you have successfully developed the plug in you can send it to zevera.com for testing. The developer of our selected plug in will earn a One Year Subscription with zevera.com completely FREE and will be considered should any needs arise in the feature.

Finally, if any developer wishes to utilize the API and incorporate www.zevera.com to his/hers downloader software, will win 5-30 free accounts (with reselling ability) depending on the popularity of the software.